Terms and Conditions

1. Copyrights and trademark

1.1. The intellectual property rights over the entire content of the site, including without limitation all texts, images, graphic elements, animations, software and other similar elements (the Content), belong exclusively to CAPITAL 33. Using the contents of this website without the CAPITAL 33 is prohibited and punishable by law. Any content that consists of a trademark, logo, or industrial trademark represents the registered trademark whose use is strictly prohibited without the written permission of the trademark owner.

2. Limitation of liability

2.1. The use of this site is entirely your choice. CAPITAL 33 or any other party involved in the design, production or offering of the Site is not responsible for direct or indirect damages of any kind (including damages caused by viruses that could infect your computer, other elements or actions that may cause damage, specific to the internet and digital technologies (including breach of information security) resulting from accessing or using this site, or downloading any material, information, text, video or audio material from this site. Although it will make every effort in this regard, CAPITAL 33 not warrant that the website and the server will be uninterrupted or error-free, and that using the site is free of risks.

2.2. CAPITAL 33 has the exclusive right to determine the content and form of this site and to modify at any time without fulfilling any prior formalities, without asking any agreement and without for this (change) can be required to respond anytime, by anyone and under any conditions.

3. Links to third party websites

3.1. The www.capital33.com site may contain links to other sites owned or operated by parties other than CAPITAL 33. Such links are provided to you for use only if you wish to do so. CAPITAL 33 does not control and is not responsible for the content and conditions of confidentiality or security and for the functionality of these sites that are accessed through links. Without limiting the foregoing, CAPITAL 33 specifically disclaims any and all liability if these sites: infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party, are inaccurate, incomplete or contain misleading information, are not of commercial nature or are not responsible the fulfillment of a certain purpose does not offer adequate security, they contain viruses or other destructive elements; or they are licentious or slanderous. CAPITAL 33 does not authorize the content or any other products and services provided on such sites. If you enter through a link on such sites, this is entirely your choice.

5. Personal data processing policy

5.1. Protecting your privacy while using our web site is for us extremely important. Therefore, we inform further detail regarding the processing of personal data.Personal data are processed on this web page by CAPITAL 33. When using and processing personal data, companies strictly comply with the legal provisions in force regarding data protection. The right to use personal data and anonymous data belongs to CAPITAL 33, within the limits provided by law, while respecting the rights of the data subjects described below.

5.2. This Privacy Statement applies only to www.capital33.com and related subdomains and pages presenting promotional campaigns, but not for pages controlled or operated by third parties.

5.3. Data Security: To protect your data, CAPITAL 33 took technical and organizational measures to protect such data in particular against loss, manipulation or unauthorized access. The measures taken are checked regularly and are constantly adapted to the state of the art. In the event of a breach of the protection of your personal data, which is estimated to result in a major risk to your rights and freedoms, we will notify you immediately, as soon as possible within 48 hours.

5.4. Please note that you are personally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and safe your user data or your passwords, that you were taught or communicated.

5.5. Data processing minors - We consider explicitly that all processing of personal data refers exclusively to people who have reached the age of 16 years. The use of systems and tools, as well as the results of processing data of users who do not have this minimum age is prohibited without the consent of parents / guardians. However, if a personal data processing takes place, we will stop processing this data once this fact is made known.

5.6. Collection and processing of personal data - The data provided by you, the personal data, are processed by us according to the legal provisions in force regarding the protection of personal data. If you correspond with us or fill in a data form or call the telephone number listed on our web page, please keep in mind that the data mentioned by you will be processed for the purposes described below (see points 5.7 5.8.).

5.7. The data we collect - Personal data are recorded by filling in your contact form or by calling the phone number displayed on the website, through which we collect:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email Address
  • Specific message

5.8. Processing of data for which no consent is requiredMore information regarding data processing for which the consent is not required can be found in the following list:

A) General contact form or telephone call to the number displayed on the website
Contact form: When sending the respective contact form or starting the telephone conversation, your personal data will be processed in the categories (name, first name, telephone, email address, specific message) under the conditions provided in this section.
Purpose: The answer to your request
Theme: Legitimate interest in individually processing your questions and being able to answer them.
Storage time: 3 years
Consequences of the refusal: in case you do not provide this data, you will not be able to contact us and we will not be able to provide you with the requested information. For this purpose, the data will be transmitted to the CAPITAL 33 representatives and you will be contacted by them to respond to the requests addressed.

B) When sending the contact form or telephone call in order to request a visit to our headquarters, your personal data in the categories (name, first name, telephone, email address, specific message) are processed under the conditions provided in this section.
Purpose: Preparing / conducting a visit to the CAPITAL 33 headquarters
Basis: Execution of a contract or taking the pre-contractual measures at your request.
Storage time: 3 years
Consequences of the refusal: if you do not provide us with this data, you will not be able to receive proposals from the CAPITAL 33 representative.

For this purpose, the data will be transmitted to the authorized representatives and you will be contacted by them to prepare / make a visit.

6. Processing of data for which consent is required

6.1. CAPITAL 33 may process the personal data referred to in point [5.] and its sub-points, for the following purposes:
A) Data processing for bidding purposes
By filling in the form or by calling the telephone number on the web page www.capital33.com, you give the consent to be contacted in relation to drawing up a personalized offer of services. The data processed will be the contact and identification data.
Purpose: Contacting the client in order to submit an offer according to his requirements
Justification: Consent
Storage time: 3 years
The data is processed through CAPITAL 33 representatives.

7. Cookies and Social Plug-ins

7.1. We collect data automatically through the use of cookies. A Cookie is a small text file that saves your internet settings. Almost every web page uses this technology. This is downloaded by your internet browser when you first access a web page. Upon the next access to this web page with the same device, the cookies and the saved information are either sent back to the web page that created them or to another web page to which they belong (Third Party Cookie). Thus, the web page recognizes that you have accessed another page once with this browser and in some cases varies the content displayed.

7.2. For more information on the Cookies used on our website, see the Cookies document.

8. The rights of the data subjects

You may use the following rights regarding the processing of personal data:

8.1. Right to information - You can request a confirmation of the processing of your personal data and the way they are used.

8.2. The right to correction - In case we process incomplete or incorrect personal data, you can request the correction or completion of them at any time.

8.3. Right to delete - You can request the deletion of your personal data if the purpose for which they were collected no longer exists, if their processing contravenes the legal provisions, if their processing excessively affects your interests or if the processing is based on your agreement, agreement on who revoked him. You should keep in mind that there may be other reasons to prevent the immediate deletion of your data, for example, mandatory filing periods, pending actions, claims, exercise or defense of legal rights, etc.

8.4. The right to limit processing - You have the right to request a limitation on the processing of your personal data in the following cases:
- challenge the correctness of your data, this occurring for a term, which allows us to verify the correctness of your data,
- the processing of your personal data contravenes the legal provisions, but you oppose their deletion and request a limitation on the use of this data,
- we no longer need your personal data for the intended purpose, but you still need this data for the purpose of executing, exercising or defending legal claims or you have challenged the processing of your personal data.

8.5. The right to data transmission - You can ask us to provide you with your personal data that you have provided to us in a structured, customary and legible format by technical means, as we process this data based on your agreement. or for the execution of a contract between us, the processing being done through automated processes.

8.6. The right to challenge - If we process your personal data for carrying out tasks of public interest, for exercising a public authority or if we refer to the need to defend a legitimate interest, you can challenge the processing of these data, in to the extent that there is a prevailing legitimate interest in your personal data. You can always revoke the agreement for sending advertising messages without giving a reason.

8.7. The right to claim - If you think that we have violated any provisions of Romanian or European law in processing your personal data, thus violating your rights, please contact us in order to clarify your questions.

These rights can be exercised directly by notifying the e-mail address m@capital33.com

9. How do we protect personal data?

9.1. The site uses information security techniques, such as firewalls, access control procedures and cryptographic mechanisms, all with the aim of avoiding unauthorized access to data and to guarantee their confidentiality. We declare that we have taken all the technical and organizational measures necessary to guarantee the security and integrity of the personal data we process, as well as to avoid the loss, modification and / or access of them by unauthorized third parties.

9. How do we protect personal data?


In order to process the application, we can request your identification by presenting an identity document.

Last updated: 10-12-2023